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In the early 80s, a core group of friends consisting of young, idealistic, philosophic musicians and comedians decided to stop waiting for Hollywood to call and produced a weekly TV show for Austin cable access channel 10. Over twenty years later, Sacred Cow still works long and hard to distance itself from any sort of organized movement.

About Producer Kevin Booth

Kevin started out in the music business in the late 80s when his band Year Zero signed a major contract with Chrysalis records. The band toured for several years with the single "Hourglass" playing in regular rotation on MTV. While living in Texas, Kevin went on to produce several records, music videos, and short films. Today many people know Kevin from his work with the late, great comedian Bill Hicks. Kevin produced most of Bill's CDs and filmed the early full-length shows that lead to Bill's HBO specials and Letterman appearances. At the turn of the century, Kevin developed his filmmaking in a more political direction and produced several films with conspiracy guru Alex Jones about Waco, 9-11, and the two-party American political system, while still directing comedy DVD's with Fear Factor's Joe Rogan and Comedy Central's Doug Stanhope.

In May of 2004, Kevin traveled to Britain to promote his first book, "Agent of Evolution," about his lifelong friendship with Bill Hicks, published by Harper-Collins U.K. Following Bill's death and the loss of several family members to alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals, Kevin decided to produce a feature-length documentary exploring America's failed Drug War. The discovery that the government classifies Marijuana as being more dangerous than Crack or Crystal Meth was the start of a four-year mission to sort the facts from the fiction and pick apart the paradoxes of America's longest running war. This lead to unexpected associations with characters like Bloods co-founder, T. Rodgers, and Freeway Ricky Ross, the man blamed for starting the Crack epidemic with cocaine supplied by the CIA. Kevin traveled across the country and around the world with his wife and co-producer Trae, documenting the fallout from the War on Drugs and seeking out possible solutions that have worked elsewhere. AMERICAN DRUG WAR is Kevin's debut as narrator and the first of a series of films that will build on his ability to untangle the myths and present serious subjects with a dry wit and eye for the absurd.

For the past two years, Kevin has toured the country, showing AMERICAN DRUG WAR at colleges and universities in the hope of sparking a debate where it is needed most. In early 2009, Sacred Cow went into production on a new documentary-style reality show following Freeway Ricky Ross as he leaves prison and attempts to make amends to the community while rebuilding his former fortune through legal means. Through this and other projects, Kevin Booth and Sacred Cow pledge to continue to make the audience think, while entertaining them at the same time.

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