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Drug War film wins BEST DOCUMENTARY of the YEAR
at the 2007 DIY film festival in Hollywood CA..

With a name like DIY you might question the professionalism of an event that is now on its fifth year, but Rich Martini and his associates did a wonderful job. I would like to start by saying that the Egyptian theater is the coolest venue I have ever done anything at. With its 100’ ceiling covered with a gold leaf scarab dating back to 1922 when Celic B Demille premiered the 10 commandments. I’m sure many things have changed such as the state of the art sound system & a digital projection system that blew me away. When I was told that my film was going to play on such a huge screen next to films done on 35mm, I panicked thinking it would look dim & pixilated. Before the audience arrived I was able to get the projectionist to put my film on and I could not believe that something I shot on my video camera could fill such a massive screen with a sharp bright image. (I don’t know how it works) maybe film is dead?

Friday night started with a low-key reception, finally got to meet several LA based sacred cow viewers & a few hard-core Hicks fans. The film "Last Stop for Paul" played before mine, it was really original. The guy travels around the world & gets random people to act in what becomes a messed up travel log with a plot. Next I was told that I won "BEST DOC". So I got up with my bad public speaking skills & introduced the film.

After the film I took the Bloods out for an Italian dinner, we had the most classic guy singing to our table. A few people from the temple 420 took sacrament in front of the restaurant.

The next night I was introduced to Henry Jaglom who I did not recognize until his new film "Hollywood Dreams" started. Then it came to me who this guy was, he is like the poor man's Woody Allen from Europe. He was best friends with Orson Wells & did Orson's last film ever. Henry has written & directed 16 films, all done on 35mm, all with under a 2 million dollar budget, all ended up making money. What a cool career this guy has, he meets some young crazy girl & the next thing you know she is the star of his next romantic comedy.

Anyone who has known me since I was young knows that I have always been a Do-It-Your Selfer. So its pretty classic that I won the best DIY documentary.

Here at Sacred Cow, every project starts at Radio Shack & uses lots of duct tape.

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